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About us - Who is ARS?


ARS supports long lasting development projects in South India, simply but effectively. The primary goal of the projects is to help disadvantaged people to help themselves.


Arunachala Rising Sun is an association (charity) based in Switzerland. The association (charity) is neutral and does not belong to any political party or religious denomination.

All members of ARS are volunteers. All donations are, therefore, used wholly to fund the projects.


The association (charity) was founded in spring 2009 by Lilian Suter, Eva Völkle and Peter Diener. Earlier stays in South India, together with working with development aid worker Madhan Mohan, awoke in them a mutual wish to help. They wanted to financially support the impressive effect of this charitable organisation "Regenboog India Foundation" in India. The founder and head is Madhan.

ARS-committee 2015: Peter Diener, president. Richi Häne, treasurer. Lilian Suter, Annemarie Lehmann, Lukas Raymann, Silvan Diener.

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